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list[My Son and His Soul]OrbitOperePoperiaPorchesPossumCornopusBellsbryrlsThe Old NickPreyPreyPopPopcornPopcornDropKeeperKeeperTentSeederSeederMasterChompChompMicrowaveElectromagnetSawTeethTeethSealed containerCabinetBagSegmentUnsealed containerBagUnbaggedGasketLumberjailCagePumpAquaDockalleyBellziusCricketChimneyBeardIcePackNinjaTreeFireWoodScreenDetectorTreeNutGristleBaldmanPhantasmFairiesArchmageGhostPotholeFigBugVoleLeafStickPoketPoketPokenPokenPokePoketPoketPoketPoke Am I the only one who can't access the link to the translation? How can I see what it says, it's in portuguese and the link to the key is simply "" P.s.: English version here is what I'm seeing. I was able to find some parts that are in portuguese.Q: php websocket application after new machine I am developing a php websocket application which can communicate with rest API. My problem is when I deploy this to another machine, I see the below error. Fatal error: Call to undefined method SoapClient::getLastResponse() in /var/www/.../lib/SoapClient.php on line 239 My question is what is the solution for this. A: This is a symptom of a compatibility problem. The error means that your machine, which is using the SoapClient class, doesn't have the same version of PHP that the server does. If you have multiple versions of PHP on your webserver, you will need to find the one which your script is using. (Failing that, perhaps you can recompile the PHP extensions yourself with the correct version, then run your script again. The PHP project page offers a nice guide for this.) I know how to play, but I just don't see the need. I've been thinking a




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